Laura Cheung      张文盈

Laura Cheung 张文盈

Interior Designer

Born in Sydney, Australia, a childhood spent in Hong Kong, schooling in Cheltenham, England; Laura ventured to New York City where her design journey began. Upon graduation at Parsons School of Design in BFA for Interior Design, Laura was awarded the Parsons Interior Design Design Award, leading her to a smooth transition into her professional endeavour.

At Ralph Appelbaum Associate, a world leading multidisciplinary firm for museum exhibitions, Laura was involved in large scale international exhibition projects where she learnt the art of story-telling through space. Laura familiarized herself with the seamless merge of interactive media with content and space where true immersive experiences were created.  Projects included Global Brand Showcase for Samsung in Seoul- Samsung D'light, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio,  exhibitions at the Zaragoza and Shanghai World Expositions.

Her passion in luxury brands led her to a fashion event production agency, SPEC Entertainment, where she was brought on as the Design Director. Laura collaborated with some of the most prestigious fashion and cooperate houses, and was responsible for design conceptualization and execution of many of their shows and events as well as their brand development strategies. Projects include ErmenigildoZegna, Estee Lauder, GQ, Halston, Hugo Boss, Museum of Modern Art, Marchesa, Malandrino, QVC, Rockefeller Center, Tom Ford, Vogue...

Growing up with both parents in the decorative arts business, Laura naturally developed an eye for beautiful objects. Laura furthered her education at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London where she completed her Masters in Fine and Decorative Arts. The curriculum allowed hands-on experience handling and critiquing furniture and ceramics from Europe and China spanning through 15th- 20th century. Her sound knowledge in the history of decorative arts brings her design aesthetics and approach to a deeper level.
Cezanne Zhou 鄒航

Cezanne Zhou 鄒航

Interior Designer & Product Designer

Raised in a family of artistic professions, Cezanne followed the footstep of his mother and studied fine art in college. In 1996, he started his career as part-time designer with China Accent  and Guangzhou DeChuang Exhibition Co. His creative talent was immediately recognized and was quickly promoted to the role of Design Director in both companies. Through exposure to major furniture and design exhibitions across cities in Europe and the US, Cezanne has developed an exceptional eye and understanding of global aesthetic. He is frequently praised for his brilliancein reinventing global trends to adapt to the palettes of Chinese consumers. Since joining the mother company China Accent over a decade ago, Cezanne has helped produce displays at over 30 major exhibitions, and has earned countless awards from the exhibition organizers. In 2011, Cezanne completed qualification test for the Senior Interior Architect license with the Chinese Construction & Design Association.